Create a Culture Where Your Team Thrives

A leader’s #1 priority is to create a healthy company culture.

However, the numbers reveal that most struggle with this critical role. It’s no wonder only 1 out of 4 teams will reach their goals this year.

So what’s the secret to a healthy workplace? What do successful companies do differently?

Surprisingly, the best way to build a healthy culture is developing emotionally intelligent, mature relationships.

If you want a blueprint that shows you the skills you need to attract, retain, and lead the best teams, then Rare Leadership has the answers.

A Revolutionary Approach to Attract, Motivate, and Retain Diverse Talent

Now that the pandemic is slowing down, many people dread going back to the office.

According to a recent study, over 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their employer in 2021. Low morale, out of touch leaders, toxic relationships, and an exhausted workforce are driving good employees away.

How can you be proactive and reduce turnover?

Leaders who learn how to build a strong relational community in which people like working together and enjoy being around each other will have a much more engaged workforce.

Based on the latest brain science and practical business principles, Rare Leadership habits provide the skills and strategies you need to be a leader people love to follow.

Rare Leadership Will Teach You How to:

  • Develop the habits and game plan to lead effectively
  • Create a culture people love (vs. dread) to be a part of
  • Adapt to changes in the modern workforce (work-from-anywhere, work-life balance, wellness)
  • Increase your EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Accelerate your leadership capacity and growth
  • Improve your workplace environment, whether or not you’re in charge
  • Boost team productivity and employee engagement

Learn all this and more from top leadership experts who’ve trained thousands of leaders.

Empower Your Entire Team

No matter what level in the organization–whether you are a new manager, elite-level executive, or aspiring leader–you’ll want your entire team to experience this dynamic content.

Even though the live conference happened in August 2021, you can get immediate access to all of the Rare Leadership training and leave with higher motivation, clearer priorities, and practical tools to cultivate a culture you can be proud of.

What Others are Saying

What Others are Saying



1. RARE Leadership Part 1 – Jim Wilder & Marcus Warner
2. RARE Leadership Part 2 – Jim Wilder & Marcus Warner
3. Rare Leadership in the Workplace – Panel Discussion
4. Results Rule but People Matter – Krish Dhanam
5. Brain-Savvy Leadership – Dr. Charles Stone
6. The Power of Appreciation in the Workplace – Dr. Paul White
7. Building Culture: What Works – Panel Discussion
8. Becoming a RARE Leader – Marcus Warner & Jim Wilder

Conference Speakers

Rare Leadership Conference Speaker Marcus Warner

Marcus Warner

Deeper Walk International
Rare Leadership Conference Speaker Jim Wilder

Jim Wilder

Life Model Works

Krish Dhanam

Skylife Success
Inclusion Consultant Tina Dyer

Tina Dyer

Grafted Together Consulting
Rare Leadership Conference Speaker Charles Stone

Charles Stone

Lead Pastor
WestPark Church
Rare Leadership Conference Speaker Dawn Whitestone

Dawn Whitestone

Founding Partner
Whitestone Professionals
Rare Leadership Conference Speaker Paul White

Paul White

Psychologist, author, speaker, & consultant
Leader and Coach Virgie Maney

Virgie Maney

Maney & Associates
Rare Leadership Conference Speaker Dave Mead

Dave Mead

WeAlign Coaching
Rare Leadership Conference Speaker Ray Woolridge

Gen. Ray Woolridge (Ret.)

Executive Director
Life Model Works


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