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Revive your leadership.
Grow healthy teams.
See great results.

Healthy teams begin with healthy leaders, and at the heart of this dynamic is emotional maturity—the quality the greatest leaders possess.

Combining solid theology, cutting-edge brain science, and decades of counseling and consulting experience, Rare Leaderships shows you how to take your leadership and team to the next level. It will equip you to:

  • Cultivate emotional maturity in yourself and others
  • Develop the four habits of R.A.R.E. leaders
  • Promote a strong group identity
  • Keep relationships bigger than problems
  • Increase productivity through trust, joy, and engagement

Whether you are burnt out or just looking to improve, when you prioritize people and lead from a secure identity, you’ll be amazed at the freedom you feel and the results you see. You can lead from a healthy place, respond rather than react, and build the team of your dreams.

If you want to take your organization to the next level, it starts with you. Read Rare Leadership and be equipped to lead joy-filled, emotionally mature, relationally connected teams.


There are simple, common reasons leaders burn out or blow up—or simply lose their joy. I am a leader; I’ve counseled many leaders. This book rings so true, and hopeful, because it offers immensely wise and practical help, together with enough illustrations to show us the way.

— John Eldredge author of Wild at Heart and Moving Mountains, president of Ransomed Heart Ministries

I love it. I love it when I don’t have to work through the fluff and fight the smog to get to the essentials in a book. Rare Leadership by Marcus Warner and Jim Wilder is just that—rare. The content is fresh. The presentation is crisp. The concepts are portable. The results will be obvious.

— Sam Chand, leadership consultant and author of Leadership Pai

Leaders who are unloving and unaware of the importance of relationships can do a great deal of harm—I have seen it. I commend Dr. Wilder and Dr. Warner for their innovative and deeply compassionate approach to helping leaders become more loving, more mature, and more effective.

— Gary Chapman, PhD, bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages

It’s rare to find a book that links “joy,” modern brain science, and biblical wisdom as a model for leadership. Rare Leadership not only does that well—it succeeds in giving leaders four habits that can’t help but unleash joy and greater effectiveness and authenticity and endurance in their relationships with others. You’ll come away from reading this book knowing much more about how we are “fearfully and wonderfully” made—and far better equipped to lead and love the way Jesus did.

— John Trent, PhD, author of The Blessing and LifeMapping

Regardless of how many leadership books you have read, Rare Leadership provides refreshing, challenging and practical lessons for developing leaders (and becoming one) that I will be using for myself and my team.

— Paul White, PhD, psychologist, coauthor, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Healthy leadership is rare leadership in most organizations. And yet the search continues as people around the world look for the secret ingredients to become centered, effective, and transformational leaders. Marcus Warner and Jim Wilder’s take the reader to the destination they desire. Their insightful research touches an inflection point that the RARE leadership we seek comes from within and to achieve this we just need to change our mindset.

— Robert Dickie III, president, Crown, author of The Leap

Rare Leadership deserves its place with the great leadership books of our time. What Good to Great did for organizations, Rare Leadership does for individual leaders. It provides the research-based science driving the real-world disciplines and practices of exceptional leaders. While John Maxwell gave us laws for leadership, Wilder and Warner have provided the tools to retrain our brains and grow our hearts into the leaders that our teams will want to follow.

— Dawn Whitestone, MA, LMHC, president of Relational Wealth Builders

“This book provides a process driven approach to loving others well through leadership. Instead of just another list of leadership to-dos or no-no’s, this book combines reasoned, accessible brain science and sound Christ-centered relationship principles to provide a valuable roadmap ahead for those willing to apply its truths.

— Matthew Turvey, PsyD, associate director, WinShape Marriage

Rare Leadership uniquely captures what it takes to be an authentic leader with immeasurable impact, by bringing transformational truths to the marketplace. If you desire to be a leader who ignites transformation this book is a profoundly relevant and timely resource for our generation.

— Tina Dyer, vice president of a Fortune 500 company, leadership and professional development consultant

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