Rare Leadership

Empowering You to be Rare


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Rare Leadership is a new paradigm focused on growing emotionally mature leaders who increase trust and the bottom line while keeping relationships bigger than problems.

These groups solidify your understanding of the concepts and prepare you to apply the rare skills in eveyday life and the workplace.


Identity is stronger than accountability. The people in your group help form and remind you of who you are and support you in acting like the Rare Leader you want to be. 

Meet with people locally or online.

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As you learn the skills and practice them, they become  habits impacting your life and workplace. 

Your emotional maturity enables you to keep relationships bigger than problems. The Rare Leadership group will equip you to boost your workplace team’s identity and productivity as joy levels and engagement increase.”

This is cultivating a culture of Rare leadership!


home-rare leadershipYou have discovered the new paradigm in business leadership: Rare Leadership.

Now, the goal is to practice 4 uncommon habits that increase trust, joy, and engagement of the people you lead.

Rare Leadership Groups are designed to help you cultivate emotional maturity, promote a strong group identity, and increase productivity. Learn to help your people increase trust, joy, and engagement, and keep relationships bigger than problems.

By joining a Rare Leadership Group, you will become part of  the growing movement of organizations, like Cru, Wieland Corporation, Navigators, Willow Creek, Palm Beach Atlantic University Orlando, Camps Farthest Out, and Distant Shores Media, who are cultivating a culture of Rare Leadership.



Each week you will receive an email with content to spark your thoughts and keep you focused on the principles of being a Rare Leader. As you maintain focus on the habits, you’ll be surprised how much these weekly touchpoints come to the forefront in your work and life.

One of the weekly emails will link you to the main teaching for the month, which you can watch at your convenience with any mobile device or computer. This teaching will serve as the focus of the monthly gathering discussion and interaction.


You can chose to join a local group and meet in-person with others or you can join an online group and meet virtually. The relational engagement, teaching, discussion, and interactive elements are the same for each format. 

Each group meets once a month for ten months to ensure the concepts are fully understood, the habits are consistently forming, and you are empowered as a Rare Leader for life and work.


Emotional maturity, Rare leadership habits, and culture all take time to cultivate.

As you begin to practice the skills in in your life and workplace, the culture-shift begins! The more you live out these skills, the more impact you make on those around you, and they also begin to shift. Ultimately, the goal is to cultivate a culture of Rare Leadership, where these skills are habitually in practice throughout your organization.


How long do the groups meet?

The monthly meetings begin in February and run for 10-months consecutively. Registration is in January and the groups do not meet in December.

Where will the local groups meet?

The local group will meet on the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University Orlando. This in-person meeting will meet the 3rd Thursday each month from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM ET.

When does the online group meet?

The monthly meetings for the online group is on the 3rd Friday of each month from Noon-1:00 PM ET.

Will other groups be available at different times?

As the local group is filled, another group will be scheduled. If you want to join a group but need a different timeframe than the one currently offered, contact Dawn Whitestone at We recommend connecting with Dawn at www.whitestonepros.com.

Additional online groups will be added as the open group is filled.

What is the cost?

Both online and local group member fees are the same, $99 per month. This investment yields weekly email touchpoints, monthly video teaching, monthly gatherings for relational engagement, guided discussion, and interactive practice.

Can I become a Group Leader?

Yes! Group members can become group leaders through our certification program. To request more information about becoming a Rare Leadership Identity Group Leader, email dawn@whitestonepros.com.

Space is limited, so register today!

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